Telugu | A
Action, Thriller | July 14, 2017 | 137 mins

Patel S.I.R. is a 2017 Telugu Action thriller film, produced by Sai Korrapati on Varahi Chalana Chitram banner and directed by Vasu Parimi.


Shabby Revenge Story

By greatandhra | 2 years ago

"Patel S.IR" directly goes into the story theme without wasting any time. In the very early scenes, we come to know that the film is a revenge drama and Jagapathi Babu slipping into the skin of a 6o-year-old army officer with total gray hair makes us glued to seats.
New director Vasu Parimi has set up the story of "Patel S.I.R" interestingly. After two killings, deja vu sets in and story doesn't go forward. Trouble begins from there.
The story despite being cliched has right potential to be a good revenge drama. Screenplay and incapable direction has made the movie into an irritating experience.
Sample this: there is a guy called "Powder Babu" (played by Posani Krishna Murali) who pops up at regular interval and does comic act which can only be understood by the director or Posani. What is the link with the story is never told in the entire movie.
Then comes a corrupt police officer (played by Tanya Hope) who gets introduction in bikini act and she does all investigation but nothing of this adds to the main theme.
All of a sudden, the movie turns from revenge drama to father-son sentiment (both characters are played by Jagapathi Babu). All these episodes and sub stories have put the movie on wrong track.
There are some interesting scenes in the mid-portion of the movie and climax is also captivating. But in totality, "Patel S.I.R" bores mostly.
Jagapathi Babu has given all his strength to this role to make it a memorable one and he is indeed faultless in the role of Patel. But his hard work is wasted.
All in all, Jagapathi Babu steals the show in "Patel S.I.R" but the movie doesn't hold the interest at all.
Bottom-line: Endi Patela!

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